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Inner Path therapy
"Life at its best is a flowing changing process in which nothing is fixed" 
Carl Rogers 


I understand finding the right counsellor can feel overwhelming. That's why I offer a complimentary 15 minute introductory call so you can get an idea of what I offer and see if we fit before committing. This allows you to ask questions, discuss your concerns, and determine if you feel comfortable working with me. There is no obligation after your intro call - it's simply a way for us to see if we are compatible.

Areas I can support with:





Recent health diagnosis

Life changes

Relationship issues

Divorce / Seperation


Self Harm

Suicidal thoughts

Each counselling session lasts 50 minutes, providing enough time to delve into concerns while respecting busy schedules. We'll collaborate to find a consistent weekly time that works for you, whether we meet in-person in my comfortable, private office or online through a secure video platform. My training and experience enable me to build an effective therapeutic alliance in both modalities, so you can choose the setting where you feel most at ease opening up. The priority is creating a safe, judgment-free space for you to gain self-understanding, try out new behaviors, and work toward your goals.

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